sexta-feira, dezembro 01, 2006

Diálogos do 1º trailer

[from trailer] Rocky Balboa: I think I still got something left in the basement.
Paulie: What basement?
Rocky Balboa: In here. [points to his heart]
Rocky Balboa: I think I wanna like fight. Y'know, nothing big. Just small things, like, local.
Paulie: What? You haven't peaked yet?
[from trailer]
Duke: [from trailer, while Rocky's starting to train] To beat this guy you need don't have it. You've got calcium deposits on most of your joints so sparings out...
Paulie: I have that problem...
Rocky Balboa: [rocky shifts shoulders]
Duke: So what we will be calling on is blunt force trauma...let's start building some hurting bombs...
[from trailer]
Mason 'The Line' Dixon: It's over.
Rocky Balboa: It isn't over till it's over.
Mason 'The Line' Dixon: Where's that from... the 80's?
Rocky Balboa: That's probably the 70's.
By Edmundo Falcão

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